Thursday, June 10, 2010

Hat, Scarf & Mittens

As bubs due date fast approaches I'm busy organizing last minute tasks, like packing a labor bag, washing bubs clothes, and crocheting hats and scarfs and mittens.

My latest project has been Sue Whiting's Hat and Scarf set from her book Weekend Crochet for Babies.

For this cute set I've used Cleckheaton 100% Bamboo. It is quite light weight and has a soft silky texture. As I've chosen to use a different yarn from that used in the pattern I also needed to change the hook size for this project to maintain the patterns gauge: I've used a 3mm hook instead of 2.5mm.

I had a little yarn left over and couldn't resist crocheting some mittens to match.

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  1. Nicki, love the new look blog! Need your help with that kinda thing. Btw, seeing what you've crocheted for bub has inspired me to search for my knitting needles! xx


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