Monday, February 21, 2011

What Books do You Recommend?

As you may be aware Borders Australia along with other RedGroup Retail operations (e.g. Angus & Robertson) have gone into voluntary administration as part of a restructure process. I'm currently holding onto a Borders gift card and I am eager to use it before its no longer valid. As it is, I have to match the value of my gift card dollar to dollar in order to redeem it, which I think is ridiculous but nevertheless that's the way it is. I've already, just recently, purchased the books on my wishlist, so my question to you is: 

What books should I purchase? Any Recommendations?

Read more about the RedGroup voluntary administration here.

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  1. I don't have anything specific to recommend but more of a suggestion. I'd get books that you know you'll look at again and again. Like some craft books or cookbooks. Or maybe some books that you've always wanted but never got around to buying because they were too expensive.
    I often end up buying books I've already read because I know I'll treasure them, where I might end up hating a new book and waste a bunch of money.


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