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Book Club: Hope Unfolding ~ Chapter 6: Real Life Looks Lived In

Hope Unfolding Book ClubWelcome to Book Club!

The minute we decide we're going to stop being defined by what we don't get done and instead take pride in what we are able to achieve, grace lets truth win and unnecessary shame gives way to hope - Becky Thompson

In chapter 6 Becky tells us that we are not our mess. She is referring to both literal and figurative mess in our lives: the physical states of our homes as well as messy or stressful situations we face. Sometimes our mess can be so overwhelming and all-consuming that we can't see past it. Sometimes we have a hard time accepting that the mess in front of us does not define us. We think that if we can't deal with the mess then we can't keep up with life. As a result, we sometimes feel inadequate.

There are so many articles and books with advise on how to get our lives together (i.e. 5 simple steps to be a better...), but focusing too much on these can lead to more guilt about all the things that we should be doing rather than acknowledging all the good things that we have already accomplished. Immersing ourselves in should's, and unrealistic expectations, further exacerbates our feelings of inadequacy and can cause our hearts to believe that if I can't sort out my mess than I am a mess.

However, it's not realistic to be on top of it all, all of the time. We all have mess. We are all so busy trying to hide our mess that we sometimes forget that other people have mess too and that other people are also overwhelmed by their mess. We don't often see the mess in other people's lives. Becky suggests that we need to stop hiding our messes, and be honest about who we really are, mess and all. She suggests that through doing this we can extend grace to ourselves and others.

What if we just started being real with people?...I think there would be far more authentic friendships and far fewer closets crammed with real-life opportunities to show ourselves and others grace - Becky Thompson.

I mentioned in a previous post that the more we talk about our experiences the less lonely we will feel. I believe the same can be said about our mess: the more open we are about it, the less isolated and inadequate we will feel.

What did you think of this chapter?


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