Saturday, September 7, 2019

Review: The Girl Behind the Red Rope

I was recently invited to review Ted and Rachelle Dekker's new release The Girl Behind the Red Rope. I've not read anything by Ted or Rachelle before but after a quick Google search of their previous books I was keen to dive into this story. I jumped on board the launch team and after reading this book I'll be adding some of Ted and Rachelle's other work to my to-be-read list.

The Girl Behind the Red Rope by Ted and Rachelle Dekker
Ten years ago, Grace saw something that would forever change the course of history. When evil in its purest form is unleashed on the world, she and others from their religious community are already hidden deep in the hills of Tennessee, abiding by every rule that will keep them safe, pure--and alive. As long as they stay there, behind the red perimeter.

Her older brother's questions and the arrival of the first outsiders she's seen in a decade set in motion events that will question everything Grace has built her life on. Enemies rise on all sides--but who is the real enemy? And what will it cost her to uncover the truth? - Goodreads

This story had me hooked very early on. I was intrigued by the characters and loved the supernatural elements of the story. I enjoyed following the main character's journey as she began to question what she believed and navigate the consequences of those questions.

The authors have a message to deliver through the story about living in the Light (i.e truth and love) versus living in fear. At times this message is subtle and other times I found the metaphors and double meaning to be loud and distracting. Perhaps I have a tendency to overthink things but I felt forced to pause and reflect on my own beliefs rather than just enjoy the story. I suspect this was the authors' intention all along, to encourage the reader reflect on their own ideology, not just tell an interesting story.

This book was a captivating and quick read that I finished in just a couple of days. I typically read fiction to escape to far away places rather than think about and question myself and the world around me. However this book contained both elements and I really enjoyed it. The Girl Behind the Red Rope is a spellbinding story with a powerful message.

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Disclaimer: I am part of the launch team for this book. I was sent a copy of this book from the publisher to review. The opinions I have expressed are my own, and I was not required to write a positive review.

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