Tuesday, April 20, 2010

New Arrivals

After years of crocheting baby hats and booties for friends and family, I'm thrilled to say it's now time to start crocheting little pieces for my own bub who will be making a grand appearance in July.  However, I have very quickly discovered that my collection of patterns are far from exciting and the thought of making another hat that looks just like all the others is not very motivating.  So i jumped onto my favorite online bookstore - The Book Depository - and discovered a new world of crochet books.  When selecting crochet books for myself I have steered clear of books that are mostly filled with hats and booties or nursery objects.  Instead I've gone with books that focus more on clothing rather than accessories.  I've now added these two gems to my pattern library: 

Candy Babies: Cute Crochet for Wee Ones by Candi Jenson

Candy Babies contains a variety of cute and unique patterns from Ugg boots, to jackets, dresses, vests and hats.  Most patterns are for babies aged 6-18 months old.  Each pattern is presented with a photo and diagram of the completed item with measurements.  Also included are basic crochet instructions, such as yarn selection and substitution, and pictorial guides to basic crochet stitches.  I find the stitch guides particularly useful in crochet books as it saves me the hassle of trying to work out whether the stitches are based on the American or International crochet system.

Weekend Crochet for Babies: 24 Cute Crochet Designs, from Sweaters and Jackets to Hats and Toys by Sue Whiting

Weekend Crochet for Babies contains adorable jackets, cardigans, coats, sweaters, dresses and more.  Most patterns can be made for babies aged 0-18 months old.  Each pattern is presented with a stitch diagram, and a photo and diagram of the completed project.  This book also includes a pictorial guide to basic crochet stitches.

I've just recently started the Hooded Jacket from Sue Whiting's Weekend Crochet for Babies.  It's similar to the Duffle Coat on the front cover but not as bulky looking.  I will write more about it in the following posts.  Unfortunately pics will have to wait until we announce bubs gender!

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