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Book Club: Hope Unfolding ~ Chapter 4: Is It Just Me?

Hope Unfolding Book Club - Chapter 5
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Friend, it's not just you - Becky Thompson

In chapter 4 Becky discusses the loneliness of motherhood. As mums, we are often surrounded by people and yet many of us feel unseen. We feel overwhelmed, juggling responsibilities and striving to meet expectations (often unrealistic expectations that we place on ourselves), and we each wonder whether we are the only one who feels that way. Sometimes we try to project an image of ourselves that has it all together when really we are unraveling inside and wondering how everyone else does it.

One of the concepts that Becky shares in this chapter is that we are not alone. We are not alone in our struggles. Firstly, Becky again explains that God is always with us, He sees us and knows what we are going through. For some people this provides hope. Secondly, she says that we are not alone becauses we all have struggles, whilst our lives are unique and different we also share many experiences (e.g. sleepless nights with a newborn, fussy toddlers, tantrums and constant interruptions when you're on the toilet). It's simply not true that every the other mum has it all together. When you are feeling overwhelmed, there are many other mums who feel that way too. You are not alone in how you feel.

I believe that there is great value in honesty and vulnerability. During the early years as a mum, I hesitantly shared some of my frustrations with a good friend. I distinctly remember the moment when she confessed that she was challenging herself to stop yelling at her kids. I felt so relieved that I wasn't the only one who struggled to keep calm. I cheered her on for her efforts and asked her for advice so that I could take on the same challenge. I've since realised that as I have opened up about my struggles and frustrations, so have others. I now have close friends with whom I can safely share my heart, fears and experiences, without fear of judgement. I believe that the more we talk about our experiences the less lonely we will feel.

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