Friday, November 18, 2016

Review: The Mother God Made Me to Be

The Mother God Made Me to Be by 

The Mother God Made Me to Be by Karen Valentin
A contributor to Guideposts annuals for ten years, Karen Valentin's narrative pieces about her journey to marriage and motherhood and then to single motherhood have resonated with readers. Here she collects the longer versions of her pieces and adds many new ones.

Karen lived an adventurous single life but longed for a family of her own. After years of maintaining her vow of purity and waiting for a man who shared her Christian faith, she fell in love with her best friend and co-worker. They married. She bore two sons. They divorced.

With humor, honesty and raw emotion, Valentin tells her story of wrestling between God's will and her own, with visions of happily ever after. In the midst of her weakness and grief, she experiences God's strength and restoration like never before. Through her family and friends, mission workers, the pastor of Graffiti Church, and her two beautiful boys, God turns her ashes to beauty and her sorrow into joy.

Women who desire to be loved, who know the pain of rejection and who have found themselves in a dark place will be touched by her pain and encouraged by her victories.

Whether you've been touched by separation, divorce or a broken home, or it's your friend, sister, mother or daughter who've gone through the experience, Karen's story will help you connect with your own emotions and give you tools to reach out to those in similar situations.
 - Goodreads

What a privilege it is to be invited into another person's life. I often felt like I was reading Karen's very personal journal entries. As far as novels go, there were times that the chapters felt quite disjointed, but overall I enjoyed Karen's warmth and honesty as she shared her experiences around a topic that is often taboo in Christian circles.

My Rating ~


Disclaimer: I received a copy of this book for free through NetGalley for an honest opinion. 

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